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camera dude

Meet the crew



drone pilot-host

Jon discovered his passion for geology thanks to geocaching. He used to avoid doing EarthCaches, but then eventually came around and now seeks them out whenever possible. Traditionals are fun and all...but EarthCaches can bring you to amazing places.

Geological loves: caves, waterfalls and impact craters.



editor-graphic designer

Brooke is an avid cat collector, harboring a desire to adopt all the felines in the world. She has an eye for graphics which can lead to interesting discussions. She has tolerated Jon's geocaching habit for years now, typically staying in the car, but will honk the victory horn when one is found.

Geological loves: the type of minerals that sparkle like diamonds, amethyst, tanzanite, and emeralds.

Originally military nomads, this crew now spends

most of their time in the Alabama/Georgia area. 

Like any typical teenage boy, he would rather be at home playing video games than running around the country, checking out beautiful scenery and looking for containers with scraps of paper in them. Typically groans when dad says the word, "Geocache."

Geological loves: too busy playing games to answer the question.


camera lady-drone Pilot in training

A Poke-hunting, movie watching, pre-teen, Maddie has been pulled into this venture like her brother. She too tolerates dad's geocaching, but only because it allows her to find Pokemon. She also seems to have inherited her dad's sense of wanderlust...but she'll need to try new types of food if she really wants to travel.

Geological loves: yeah, we're still working on that.

Rhett Butler 


Always up for a car ride, Rhett is our fluffy mascot.  He is a 4 year old rescue mutt that loves his clowder of cats, squirrels, and chicken cookies.

Geological loves: Geo-adventures with his people.